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As an amateur athlete and food lover, Dan enjoys the exploration of fueling his fit lifestyle. As a software consultant training for triathlons, Dan had the unique challenge of finding nutritional, delicious, fast, and nourishing food solutions to energize his body and soul.

Dan grew up in a household where the  family style of eating, cooking, and sharing stories was ingrained into the lifestyle. Dan’s mother, Elaine, immigrated from China funded by the money his great grandfather sent back while working in Chinese restaurants throughout the midwest. When the family came to America in 1978 they always helped out at the extended families’ restaurant. To this day she is a power to be reckoned with in the kitchen while cooking alongside Dan’s grill master father, Ken.  Jeff, one of Dan’s brothers made cooking his career and is currently a successful chef in San Francisco.

The psychology of two thriving business owning parents, supporting three exceedingly active, growing boys hungry for sustenance, and always making time for family dinners has been ingrained into Dan’s life. He feels blessed to have access to so many amazing recipes, each with their own unique story. In this section you will find everything from triathlon training nutrition to family recipes which span the global timetable. Dan’s vision is to provide a lazy susan of meals which spark a conversation and encourage people to share their food, tables, and livelihood with others.

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