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HFTD Partnership

Dan’s Quest

Ride for World Health will be cycling across the country from San Diego to Washington, DC starting March 21, 2014 and ending May 15, 2014. Our route can be found here: . Many of the people I am riding with are doctors in between medical school and their residencies. We will be educating people along the ride through a lecture series.  Ride for World Health is fundraising for three charities: Empower & Advance, HEAL Africa, and PODEMOS. These charities help train community health workers, provide extremely needed healthcare, and give better health education to countries in need. You can learn more about these charities here: By riding across the country, we are sending a powerful message that a strong body builds a strong mind. . In conjunction with the R4WH coast to coast lecture series I will be promoting healthy mental states through education and empowerment.

I now ask you to join me in my mission to help change and educate the world. My donation page for Ride for World Health can be found here: Please browse the website and learn more about our initiatives.

You can follow my journey on the Traveling Triathlete section of my website. I will be keeping my friends and family informed of my progress online as I am riding across the country. I look forward to spreading my vision for healthy, active, empowered, and educated communities all across America. I will be sharing motivational stories through the network of diverse people that I meet in the Perspiration Inspiration section of my website. When I reach my goal of $2700 for Ride for World Health I hope to raise an additional $5,000 – $10,000 for Hope for the Day. Stay tuned for updates!

How you can help!

Thanks to the endorsement and strategic support of Hope For The Day, all material and fiscal donations made to HFTD in support of my efforts qualify as totally tax deductible contributions. This gives you a maximum benefit as your contributions enable me to empower change and provide education on healthy mental states across the United States.

What HFTD Does

  • Hope For The Day is a non-profit organization that utilizes multiple music genres and artistic mediums to aggressively reach our target demographic. We serve youths and young adults (generally aged 14-24) and work primarily in low income communities.
  • To support these outreach projects we are versatile in our fundraising methods: live concerts, art shows, raffles, letter & email solicitation, bar meets, and numerous one-of-a-kind events.
  • We incorporate this diversity in the design, direction, and aesthetics of our fundraising efforts. Hence, our support base covers an expansive demographic of college age student populations, young professionals, families, progressive minded seniors, affluent suburban & urban couples/singles.
  • Our fundraising events appeal to a wide ethnic & cultural spectrum.
  • We collaborate with and authentically appeal to multiple social communities: Rock/Punk/Metal communities, Hip-Hop community
  • LGBTQ Community
  • Teens
  • Military: Vets & families
  • Independent Arts community
  • Active patrons of the artisan/cultural community (people who seek out new or high quality restaurants, music, art, or actively direct their dollars to community based commerce and activities).
  • People actively engaged in social media (particularly those willing to donate money online)



What We Want


Partnerships & Collaborations with:


v  Those who want to join the cause to break down stigmas and open the dialogue about suicide and mental health.

v  Those who are already involved in our communities and support suicide prevention and healthy mental states.


v  Those with a focus/involvement on:

  •  low income communities—youth—women’s issues—men’s issues—sexual orientation issues—Veterans affairs—healthy family, educational, and community environments

v  Those interested in channeling tax deductible resources to a cause relevant to all ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds.



Hope For The Day is a non-profit movement committed to utilizing music and the arts as a defense mechanism to suicide. Our alternative approach strives to offer education, prevention and hope through creative expression.

Hope For The Day’s vision is to use music and the arts as gateways to breaking down stigmas, leading dialogue and educating communities about suicide and effective prevention concepts. We aim to embrace creative expression’s vast spectrum of mediums to reach out and engage young minds in a relevant way.


Fundraising Initiatives

We utilize basic non-profit channels such as seasonal and quarterly letter & email appeals. We have active private donor participation and continually solicit new members.


Merchandise Line- via BigCartel.  [A few examples from Winter 14 line]



Live Events


We have put together just about any kind of show imaginable, concert/festival, pub-crawls, barbeques, etc.  Our primary venues are concerts and art show raffles. These live event efforts go to fund our outreach projects that focus on direct services to afflicted youths via targeted music therapy sessions [BeatKeepers project] and breaking down stigmas [Music Saved My Life project, The Hope Defined project, and the “__” Gives Me Hope campaign.


Shows: We run typically one concert a month (sometimes 2 or three), at 500-5000 capacity venues. We are scoping for larger acts/venues for the 2015 year including a full on tour/festival.























Art Show Raffles: These are our largest revenue drivers. Held bi-monthly, we feature a diverse range of sponsors, with donated works from local and worldwide collectors and independent artists like Shepard Fairey and Henry Rollins. We anchor events to unique locations, with an assortment of activities to compliment the raffles including some form of live music, spirits,

interesting foods, live paintings & exhibits etc.




















Our Projects:



The BEATKEEPERS project is our on the ground creative education program focusing on empowerment through musical and artistic expression. Based on expressive therapy concepts, this project consists of 16-21 year old high-risk adolescents traditionally from low-income areas suffering from mental illnesses. BEATKEEPERS inspires these individuals to confront suicide, community issues and oppression through lyric composition and beat making. Lyrical self-expression serves as a vehicle for these youth to connect to their environment and build a stronger self-identity. This initiative is partnered with Thresholds (Illinois largest and oldest mental health service) and The Boys & Girls Club of Chicago.


Music Saved My Life Project

An ongoing PSA-style video series featuring internationally recognized musicians and artists sharing personal stories, frank discussion, and direct confrontation of struggles with suicide, depression and mental illness. They are designed to instill a shame free atmosphere encouraging open dialogue and expression of personal/mental struggles. HFTD partners with Alternative Press Magazine to release each Music Saved My Life segment through their online platforms, amplified by participating artists own media avenues. Over the last year, we have produced over 30 Music Saved My Life segments.

‘_____’ (Blank) Gives Me Hope Campaign


Working with teen volunteers from across the US and as far abroad as Belgium, we are building content for a visual collage series of teens voicing positivity they find in themselves in a reverse of the traditional ‘sad statement’ visual galleries. Intended for Spring-Summer 2014.



The Hope Defined Project

A feature length film about suicide and prevention made by teens for teens currently in development.