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Traveling Triathlete

Hi everyone, my name is Dan. Follow me on my journey to finding a fun and fit lifestyle. My adventures in triathlon, cycling, running, fitness, cooking, and meeting like-minded inspirational started while I sat as a couch potato after reconstructive knee surgery. After three major knee injuries, I felt deflated, discouraged, and disappointed. I decided I needed to focus on being more deliberate about my athletic endeavors. I set a goal to finish my physical therapy and train for triathlons year round.

For the past 3 years I have stayed committed to the sport of triathlon while maintaining a busy job as a travelling software consultant. Running, cycling, and swimming became a form of meditation for me. When I am out on my own, my mind clears, and I can focus on my physiology and my surroundings. In 2012, with the encouragement of friends and family, I signed up for Ironman Louisville 2013. I decided to start this website while I was training to become an Ironman.

During my journey, I learned that becoming an Ironman takes a lot of individual dedication, hard training, and lifestyle changes. More importantly, I learned that all of my efforts would not have been possible without the support of my friends, family, community and all of the people in my personal, work, triathlon, running, cycling, and fitness circles. I realized that not only were all of these people helping me transform my life, but I have a platform to help transform others lives as well. Through my experiences I learned to follow my passions and dedicate my life to the one thing I am most passionate about: enriching lives through health and wellness by living a fun, fit, and fulfilling lifestyle.

In February 2014, I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado seeking a more active lifestyle in which I could be more connected with nature and join an amazing community of people who live in this wonderful playground. I strive to learn from past events by remembering the life skills, coping mechanisms, and takeaways from school and work to improve my future. My passion for solving problems by using data analysis, creativity, and optimization is now being applied to all aspects of my life. I creatively view my health and wellness as a logic problem that should be attacked with consciousness purpose. I try to see the big picture in things and break down my goals into manageable and efficiently executed tasks. As I travel for work, adventure, inspiration, and connectivity with new communities you can follow my actions here. I will be posting articles, stories, and videos about my new lifestyle