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Ride for World Health Receives a Friendly Welcome to Oklahoma

Ride for World Health Receives a Friendly Welcome to Oklahoma

R4WH Receives a Friendly Welcome to Oklahoma

Oklahoma was by far the friendliest state we have rode through. We were approached at rest stops, restaurants, and stop lights by locals intrigued by our group of orange riders. I enjoy the chance to talk to locals about our journey and use our healthy activity of cycling as a vehicle for change in promoting global health. One local American Indian shared his story of losing over 70 pounds by cutting back on his alcohol use and eating healthier. He was ecstatic to show us the spacious room in his overalls that he cleared out his weight loss. We tend to come across many people who have started casually biking to enjoy healthier lifestyles. No matter the person, and their form of activity, they are drawn to our cause of biking across the country and want to share their inspirational stories of healthy lifestyle changes.
There is a common theme that I hear when people share their stories. Exercising gives individual goals to reach, a positive self-image, and they all exude confidence from their conquests. This is a large reason why I have partnered with Hope for the Day to encourage our healthy mind – healthy body initiative. By sharing our story, Ride for World Health is able to connect with other people who have made commitments to live move fulfilling lives through healthy active life choices.
The MayoClinic Staff lists 7 main benefits of regular physical activity: weight control, combating

heath conditions and diseases, improving mood, boosting energy, promote better sleep, enhancing sex life, and having fun. Exercise helps build a healthy mind through confidence, taking one’s mind off worries, creating social interaction, having positive coping mechanisms, releasing endorphins and increasing neurotransmitter activity. For me exercising is a way of life. I find that exercising helps me feel good both mentally and physically on a day-to-day. I tend to feel less lethargic and am able to maintain a regular sleep schedule. I enjoy setting both training and race goals to meet and exceed. These goals give me motivation to maintain healthy eating habits, learn new skills, and seek out people to train and race with. In the case of R4WH, I found 20 like-minded people to ride across the country with! I encourage everyone I meet to try something new, get off the couch, and pursue an active healthy lifestyle to keep the mind sharp and the body happy.

When in Tulsa, we stayed with an amazing family with triathlon roots. A rider from last year named Blake posted on the local Tulsa bike forum that Ride for World Health needed a place for at least 10 riders to stay for two nights. Caroline and Carter opened up their doors to the riders and we are all extremely thankful for their generosity. I got to spend some extra time with the couple when we went to their local gym to swim together. As I train for triathlon, I am constantly looking for pools to get some laps in during the trip. It was fun swimming with some fellow triathletes and even better because Caroline gave me a lot of tips on my swim form. We also had a chance to chat while water jogging (attaching a flotation belt around our waists and ‘running’ through the water). Carter and Caroline are both competitive triathlon age groupers. Triathlon has given them the chance to travel and enjoy the many aspects of the multi-sport community. When Carter qualified for Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Germany, he took the opportunity to bring his son along. Meanwhile, Caroline jumped at the chance to compete in Ironman Australia and bring her daughter along. It is amazing to see triathlon bring families together to support each other. I am very thankful to have spent time Caroline and Carter. Their generosity welcoming us into their home and spending time with us reminded me how fortunate I am to meet so many inspiring people along our journey across the United States America.

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