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Don't let life happen, make it happen!


When I made the leap into triathlon, it was a commitment to improve my health through a commitment to athletics. What I didn’t know was that I was really making a commitment to lifestyle change.

Eventually, I went on the 9 month journey to become an Ironman. I did this while working as a software consultant travelling 2 weeks out of every month. What I found was that, I was consciously making new life changes that applied to not only my fitness, but my career, my relationships, my physiology, and my overall mental and emotional state.

My goal of becoming an Ironman transformed my life and my perspective. I met a lot of inspirational people along the way which have given me the courage to pursue a lifestyle based on wellness and fulfillment.

I want to share the inspirational stories from my journeys so that we all can learn and help enrich each others lives.


Dan Hohs


Active Performance